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Research Postgraduate Programmes


Research Postgraduate Studies at HKBU

HKBU offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil)Programmes admitting students from all over the world. Built on our external global networks, we also collaborate with overseas universities offering joint/dual research degree programmes. 

Students pursuing PhD and MPhil studies concentrate on an independent research project under the guidance of their supervisors. Coursework is integrated into the Programmes to underpin research studies. An MPhil normally takes two years of full-time study, and the normal study period of a PhD programme is about three to four years. The University is currently admitting PhD students concurrently for the 3-year PhD programme for academic year 2018/19 (the last cohort), and the new 4-year PhD programme (starting from AY2019/20).  When considering your application, the Faculties/Schools/Academy concerned will recommend the PhD programme you will be offered for admission, i.e. 3 year or 4-year. The School of Business offers only 4-year PhD programme. Its application period is from 1 September 2018 - 1 December 2018. 

MPhil admission follows the above timeline for admission.

You are encouraged to find out more about the research profiles of our academic staff and the University before applying for a research degree programme.