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Research Postgraduate Students Form No. Last Update (dd/mm/yyyy)
Handbook for Research Postgraduate Students   Aug 2015
Bi-annual Progress Report (please submit the report via BUniPort: "Studies -> My Studies -> Registration and Progression -> Study Progression -> Bi-annual Progress Report Submission")   --
Change / Addition of Supervisor RPG003 Jan 2013
Change of Language in Thesis Writing RPG004 Aug 2016
Clearance Upon Completion of Studies (For Exchange Research Students Only) RPG005 May 2014
Confirmation of MPhil Candidature –Supervisor's Report Form RPG006 Jan 2013
Confirmation of PhD Candidature –Assessment Panel Chairman's Report / Member's Report RPG007 Jan 2013
Deferral of Tuition Fee Payment GS001 Feb 2013
Extension of Studies / Change of Study Mode RPG008 Oct 2017
Leave Application RPG009 Apr 2016
Overseas Attachment RPG010 Mar 2016
Research Student Expenses RPG011 Oct 2017
Resumption of Studies GS008 Feb 2013
Application for Course Add/ Drop/ Withdrawal RPG012 Oct 2017
Application for Transfer of Units/ Credits to Fulfill Coursework Requirements RPG013 Oct 2017
Suspension of Studies GS007 Jul 2014
Application for Travelling Allowance for Postgraduate Overseas Attachment Programme RPG014 Sep 2016
Notice of Unbound Thesis Submission   Apr 2016
Reimbursement Form for Research Student Expenses   Sep 2016
Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment    
Authorization Letter (for general use)   Sept 2014
  Sept 2014
GS004 Mar 2014
GS005 Jan 2013
GS002 Mar 2013
GS003 Mar 2014
GS005 Jan 2013
Withdrawal of Studies
GS006 Jul 2014
Research Students Stationed at UIC
RPG014 Jan 2013
RPG015 Jan 2013
RPG016 Jan 2013
RPG017 Jul 2013
  Jan 2013
  Jan 2013
Committee on the Use of Human & Animal Subjects in Teaching & Research (HASC)
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