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After Application

  1. How do I know if I have submitted my application successfully?
  2. Can I update my application data or provide additional information after I have submitted the application?
  3. Will I be required to attend an interview?
  4. When will I be notified of the admission status?
  5. How could I confirm my conditional offer?
  6. What if I finally cannot meet the condition of the admission offer?
  7. Can I apply for scholarships?





After you have submitted the application, an acknowledgement note with an application number will be sent to you by email. Please verify the accuracy of your application and report any discrepancies immediately in writing to the Graduate School. You are required to quote your application number in all subsequent correspondence with the University.



The programme choice cannot be changed once your application is submitted. To update your application data or provide additional supporting documents, please upload them to Extra Documents via the online application system. 



Not all programmes require an interview. Some Departments/Schools/Programmes may ask applicants to attend an interview and it is subject to the requirements set by individual programme. Shortlisted candidates for interview will be informed by phone or by email in due course.



It varies from programme to programme. Notifications to successful applications will be sent by email before commencement of studies. To confirm your acceptance of the offer, you will need to pay the confirmation fee before the deadline stated in the offer letter. All fees paid are NOT refundable. For unsuccessful applications, the applicants will be notified by email.



You have to provide documentary evidence, either a full official transcript or a letter of certification, stating the award of the degree including the class of honours awarded if applicable. You may also be asked to satisfy any other conditions (e.g. pass the threshold standard in IELTS/TOEFL) before a specified date. Please follow the instructions as stated in the offer letter.



If you fail to achieve the required degree award and/or obtain the required English test score and/or other test score by the due date(s) as specified in the offer conditions (OAS -> Application Details -> Offer Condition), your offer will be withdrawn. A refund of the paid admission confirmation fee (with an administration fee of HK$5,000 deducted) may be granted on a discretionary basis. Please write to the Graduate School (via Enquiry form) and attach relevant and sufficient documentary proof to your email for our consideration.



Our scholarships (studentships) are for selected recipients on the basis of academic merits, programme and year of study, nominations from Departments and other criteria stipulated by donors. Generally speaking, you need not apply for specific scholarships directly. Selection will be mainly based on students’ performance after admission to our University.