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Prospective Students


HKBU Research Postgraduate and Professional Doctorate Degree graduates

On graduation, HKBU Research Postgraduate and Professional Doctorate Degree graduates should have:

KNOWLEDGE Mastery and creation of knowledge at the forefront of their field of specialization, together with advanced knowledge in other related areas.
CREATIVITY The ability to evaluate existing regimes and develop original research insights and methodology for advanced academic inquiry. 
SKILLS The ability to apply appropriate theories, research methodologies and techniques to make informed judgement and solve problems in general and of different complex contexts in their fields.
LEARNING  A sustainable interest and autonomous initiative in the acquisition of advanced knowledge and in the exploration of new areas of research and professional environments.
COMMUNICATION The ability to communicate and exchange knowledge and ideas in their fields clearly and effectively with specialist and non-specialist audiences. 
CITIZENSHIP A sense of upholding professional ethics and social responsibility consistent with their roles as local and global citizens.

Remark: HKBU’s whole person education comprises seven elements. It is considered that “TEAMWORK” should have been developed when students reach postgraduate level, therefore it is not highlighted in the Graduate Attributes for postgraduates. However, owing to the different nature of the programmes, “teamwork” may be one of the learning goals or programme outcomes as appropriate.