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Diploma Distribution for 2021 Graduates of Postgraduate Programmes

Latest update (22 Dec 2021)

All of the diplomas for those who have completed the online form by 15 December 2021 will be mailed out within this week, waybill numbers are available from the link posted at the bottom of this page.


For those who have not collected your diploma either after Commencement ceremony or via courier service, you may collect your diploma at the Graduate School counter starting from 3 January 2022. Please refer to for information regarding collection of diploma in person.   




The Graduate School is arranging courier delivery of diplomas to graduates of 2021 who either did not attend the Commencement ceremony or have not collected the diploma after the Commencement ceremony on graduation day.


A link to the online form about diploma delivery has been emailed to graduates who have not collected their diplomas. Please fill in all the information required and submit the form by Wednesday, 15 December 2021.


The following is the approximate processing and mailing timeline:

Submission Date of Online Form

Expected Mailing Date

Until 7 November 2021 Starting on/before 23 November 2021

Until 28 November 2021

Before 15 December 2021

Until 15 December 2021

(Closing Date of Online Form)

Before 31 December 2021


Graduates with delivery addresses in Mainland China will be required to upload a copy of both sides of the recipient’s Mainland China Resident ID Card to the SF Express system. Details will be posted below after the FAQ section.


Each graduate can only submit the online form once. After you submit the form, you cannot make any subsequent changes.


Please click on the link below for the important notes about diploma delivery arrangements:

Important Notes on Diploma Delivery



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. I have submitted the online form. Could you check whether you have received it?

A1. An acknowledgement email will be sent out after each of the two submission deadlines mentioned above. 


Q2. Can I come to the Graduate School to collect my diploma instead?

A2. Collection of the Diploma at Graduate School by yourself or your authorised representative will not be available.


Q3. Can you send me a scanned copy of my diploma before mailing it?

A3. The University does not provide an electronic version of the diploma in a secured format at the moment, and to ensure data privacy and document integrity, requests for sending a scanned copy of the diploma as an email attachment will not be accepted.


Q4. I need my diploma urgently. Can you send mine first?

A4. Please understand that thousands of diplomas are being handled, and in order to expedite the process and ensure the security and accuracy of the logistics involved, no individual requests of any kind could be entertained. Our teams are trying their very best to send out the diplomas as fast as possible so that all graduates are able to receive theirs sooner. For graduates that submit the online form with accurate information by 7 November 2021, their diplomas will very likely be mailed out starting on/before 23 November 2021. If your (potential) employer urgently needs to have your qualification from HKBU verified, you could share your official transcript in electronic format via the HKBU Digital Credential System ( to provide proof of your graduation status. 



Delivery Status - Students with Waybill Number (SF/DHL)

For DHL, please go to for status checking.

For SF, please go to for status checking.


 ***It may take 1-2 working days before the tracking number will appear in DHL or SF Express’ system.***


If your delivery address is in Mainland China, for custom clearance purpose, you are required by SF Express to provide a copy of both sides of the receiver’s Mainland China Resident ID Card as soon as possible once your waybill number is available at


*** Please Click HERE to search (Ctrl F) and check for Waybill Number***