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All research postgraduate students are required to complete their coursework and achieve a minimum GPA score (Explanatory Notes) for graduation. Courses to be taken by the students must be recommended by the Principal Supervisor and endorsed by the Department Head. The coursework units should be fulfilled by completing:

  • the Mandatory Common Core Programme (MCCP) on or before the student confirms his/her candidature (MPhil) / passes the qualifying exam (PhD); and 
  • any postgraduate level courses at HKBU (i.e. Level 6 (6000-series) and Level 7 (7000-series) courses) or offered by the Cross-institution Course Enrolment Scheme
Programmes No. of Research Seminars Units No. of Research Methodology Course
No. of Other Courses units No. of MCCP units Total Number of Units Minimum GPA score
MPhil N/A N/A 9 3 12 2.67
3-year PhD N/A N/A 12 3 15 2.67
4-year PhD *4 3 ^12 3 ^22 2.67

Research postgraduate students are also required to comply with supervision and attendance requirements, submit bi-annual progress reports, present a written thesis and satisfy the Board of Examiners in an oral examination on matters relevant to the subject of the thesis in order to satisfy the degree requirements.


*A minimum of 4-8 units in total, that is 0.5/1-unit for each semester.

^More units may be required by specific disciplines