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International Advisory Board for Graduate Studies - PhD Student Poster Presentation

Madam KCBF Ceremony

International Advisory Board for Graduate Studies (IAB) was established in 2022/23 to advance our doctoral education, explore collaborative research student training opportunities, and exchange international good practices in research training. This year, we are pleased to have representatives from the United Kingdom, Singapore and Mainland joining us in person for the 2-day programme to be held on 19-20 June 2024. A poster presentation will be held on 20 June 2024 to showcase our research strength and 16 students nominated by the Faculties/Schools will present their research under the clusters. 

Date: 20 June 2024 (Thu)

Time: 11:15am - 12:30pm

Venue: AAB402K & L (Learning Commons)


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Cluster Name Presentation Title
Creative Media and Practice AU Ka Lei                Body Mapping: The Development of New Approach in Piano Teaching Based on Movement Awareness                                                                                                                                            
Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in X BU Luofan CEOs' Scheduling Styles and Corporate Social Responsibility
LUO Yifeng Message Injection Attack on Rumor Detection under the Black-Box Evasion Setting Using Large Language Model
ZHU Jianing Diversified Outlier Exposure for Out-of-Distribution Detection via Informative Extrapolation
Health and Drug Discovery GUO Hui Exploring the Impact of Environmentally Assisted Therapy on Postpartum Depression: an MRI Study
LI Haoran A Novel Pharmacological Embedding Space based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and AI Large Model toward Drug-Diseases Associations
MAMUN Abdullah Al Exploring the Potential Targets and Mechanism of Action of Aryl Naphthalene Lignans with Dual Bioactivity Against Viruses and Cancers
YANG Wei ZZKZ as a Promising Therapeutic Intervention for Functional Dyspepsia with Postprandial Distress Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial and Biomarker Analysis
YIN Yujie Nonlinear Association Between Sleep Duration and Cognitive Function
ZHOU Peng The Associations of Parenting Styles and Parenting Practices with Preschoolers' Energy Balance Related Behaviors
Humanities and Cultures MOK Ian "An Ode to Joy”: Building an Intergenerational Music Programme for Happiness in Hong Kong
QIN Mingfu Violinists' Body Movement and Audiences' Perception: An Experimental Study
TU Zhilu Adapting to AI: WikiAligner's Insights for the Evolution of Translation Studies
XIE Rui A Cinema of Waste: Narrating Ecohorror on Contemporary Chinese Screens
ZHAO Yinqiao Exploring Xenophobic and Misogynistic Sentiments on Hupu: The Intersection of Hegemonic Masculinity and Alt-Right Discourse in the Chinese Online Community
ZHU Linqing Bridging Cultural and Poetic Divides: 
Exploring Machine Translation of Chinese Ancient Poems through the Lens of Shakespeare's Sonnets


Fudan University

Former Vice-President

Professor, Department of Physics

Prof Fang LU



Imperial College London

Director of the Graduate School

Prof Xiao Yun XU


Nanyang Technological University

Assistant Dean (Interdisciplinary Programme), Interdisciplinary Graduate School

Dr Shuzhou LI

National University of Singapore

Vice Dean, NUS Graduate School

Prof Caroline LEE

University of Science and Technology of China

Executive Associate Dean of Graduate School

Prof Liuzhu GONG

Zhejiang University

Deputy Director of Disciplines and Degree Office, Graduate School

Prof Junying LIANG