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Conference and Research-related Allowance

Full-time University Grant/Research Grant-funded research postgraduate students (PhD and MPhil) may apply for the Research Student Expenses for their research activities, such as conference/seminar, overseas attachment and field trips.  

Funding supports for the whole study period

  1. Funding for research activities such as conference/seminar, overseas attachment, field trip and study tour: MPhil - HK$10,000; PhD - HK$15,000
  2. Incentive for oral presentation at international conferences: capped at HK$3,000 per student (on a two-to-one matching basis between the University and Faculty/Department)
  3. Thesis editing fee: capped at HK$6,000 per student (on a one-to-one matching basis between the University and Faculty/Department/Principal Supervisor)
  4. Travelling Allowance for Postgraduate Overseas Attachment: with limited quotas and capped at HK$10,000.  This is a highly competitive scheme and quotas are allocated to each Faculty/School/AVA. Application


Students should submit an application form with the support of the Principal Supervisor, the Department Head and the Dean to the Graduate School for approval at least three weeks before departure for conference/seminar/overseas attachment/study tour.  Late/retrospective applications may not be accepted. Students seeking retrospective approval should provide strong justifications.