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Mandatory Common Core Programme (MCCP)

Research postgraduate students are required to complete the Mandatory Common Core Programme (MCCP) before confirmation of candidature. The Programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to better prepare themselves for their academic career at HKBU and beyond. 


MCCP Course Description and Timetable


  1. What is Mandatory Common Core Programme (MCCP)?
  2. When should I complete MCCP?
  3. How is MCCP structured?
  4. Is course registration required?
  5. How can I access the MCCP Timetable?
  6. Can I change the section (or class) assigned?
  7. When are course results released?
  8. Can I drop a MCCP course?
  9. Can I apply for exemption?
  10. What is MCCP7150/6150 Responsible Conduct of Research?



MCCP, which weighs 3 units, is an integral part of coursework requirement for all of the above programmes. It aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to build the foundation for their research study, and to facilitate the development of their academic career. Research postgraduate (RPg) students are required to complete a minimum number of units of coursework as follows:

(Please check with your Faculty/School/AVA for additional coursework requirement) 

Programmes Minimum no. of units


3-year PhD


4-year PhD

Referring to students admitted to the School of Business from 2018/19, and to other Faculties starting from AY2019/20



Programmes Completion Time of MCCP


3-year PhD

Before confirmation of candidature

4-year PhD

Before the qualifying examination (13th to 18th month after commencement of studies)

RPg students who fail to complete MCCP before the above timeframe will be barred from

(a) confirmation of candidature (for existing 3-year PhD students)/ attending the qualifying examination (for 4-year PhD students); and

(b) access to academic transcript/testimonial (official copy and student copy)




(a) It constitutes:

(i)  2 credit-bearing courses:

  •  MCCP7010/6010 Teaching University Students (1 unit); and
  •  MCCP7020/6020 Advanced English for Academic Purposes (2 units); and

(ii) A range of non-credit bearing mandatory courses of 1 to 2 hours each

(b)  The table below gives you an overview of the courses:

MCCP Courses No. of Units/ Hours/ Sections Offering Units*
Teaching Teaching University Students 1 unit CHTL
Academic English

Advanced English for Academic Purposes

  • Postgraduate Presentation Skills in Practice
  • Postgraduate Thesis Writing in Practice
2 units LC


Support Skills

Introduction to Scholarly Communication and Publishing

 4 hours

(Online delivery)

Effective Literature Searching 2 hours LIB
Entrepreneurship Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong

2 hours

(Online delivery)

Research Ethics Responsible Conduct of Research

12 modules

(Online delivery)

Discipline-specific MCCP Courses
SCI/SCM Laboratory Safety 2 hours EO
Research Ethics Issues for Science Discipline  2 hours REC
Non-SCI/SCM Research Ethics Issues for Humanities/Social Sciences Discipline 2 hours REC




Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning


Language Centre


Estates Office




Knowledge Transfer Office


Research Ethics Committee


 (c) Details of the MCCP courses can be found here.



Course registration by students is not required.

Students are pre-registered to the required MCCP course either in Semester 1 or Semester 2, depending on the quota and the schedule of the MCCP courses.

For online courses, i.e. MCCP7130/6130, MCCP7140/6140 and MCCP7150/6150, no pre-registration will take place. Instead, students will be registered and given grades in one-go upon course completion.









5.1 About 2 weeks before the start of each semester, you could view the timetable of MCCP courses following the steps:

Find out the status of  the MCCP courses from the BUniPort - “Progress for Mandatory Common Core Programme”, and note the following:

  •            You can find out the progress following the guideline.
  •            Course Status: On the “Result” column, it shows one of the following:
Result Code for MCCP Meaning


Course registered for the Semester pending for completion or release of result 

Not Satisfied

Course not yet registered
Satisfied Course completed satisfactorily

5.2. Check the timetable from the website of the Graduate School – it shows the duration, time and venue of each “section (or class)".

5.3. Section (or Class):  Some MCCP courses offer more than 1 section each semester. The assignment of sections is primarily based on disciplines and quota of a section.




You are advised not to change sections as some of the sections assigned to you is primarily based on your discipline. There is also quota limitation to each section. If you have any request to change sections, please write to the Graduate School and provide justifications.



Courses Approximate time for release of results


Teaching University Students

Same time as other regular courses 

(i.e. January for 1st semester, and June for 2nd semester)


Advanced English for Academic Purposes

Same time as other regular courses 

(i.e. January for 1st semester, and June for 2nd semester)


Laboratory Safety

The next month upon completion


Effective Literature Searching

The next month upon completion


Introduction to Scholarly Communication and Publishing

The next month upon completion


Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong

The next month upon completion

After completion of the course, you are required to complete the Training Module Evaluation Form and Declaration of Training Module Completion in Section 6 and forward both emails of Berkeley Innovation Index (Your Personal Innovation Mindset Evaluation Results) that you did in Section 2 and Section 6 to


Responsible Conduct of Research

The next month upon completion

After completion of the course, you are advised to send the completion reports to for our record.



If you wish to drop an MCCP course, please follow the University Add/Drop course period and procedures. It is important to note the following:

Withdrawal after the Add/Drop period

The status of “withdrawal” (i.e. W) will be shown on the transcript. You will be pre-registered again when the next course is available.
Absence from class without applying for “withdrawal" An "unsatisfactory" grade (i.e. U) may be assigned and shown on the transcript.


Exemption for MCCP courses is not encouraged as they are carefully designed to benefit the research studies of the RPg students. However, exemption for the following courses will still be considered based on relevant prior studies and experience:

  • MCCP7010/6010 Teaching University Students
  • MCCP7020/6020  Advanced English for Academic Purposes

There is no provision of exemption for the rest of the non-credit bearing courses/workshops. Please check the exemption form for details.



MCCP7150/6150 Responsible Conduct of Research is a new course launched in AY2019/20. It is an online course that familiarises research postgraduate students and researchers with the core values and principles of responsible conduct of research. It aims to raise researchers’ awareness of the importance of research integrity and to enhance the quality of research ethics training of the University.


For more details, you may refer to the FAQ and Registration Guide as follows:


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