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Cross-institutional Course Enrolment Scheme

To enhance the opportunities for research postgraduate students to have access to courses available at other local institutions in Hong Kong, the eight UGC-funded institutions (namely City University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, The Education University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lingnan University and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) entered into an agreement to set up mechanisms to allow research postgraduate students to enroll in courses offered by other local institutions.

Research postgraduate students of other local institutions taking HKBU courses

List of courses

Please click the following links to view the list of HKBU courses for Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme:

Application Procedure

Interested students from other local Institutions please submit the endorsed application form with a copy of HKID card to the Graduate School of HKBU via your home institutions. Please download the application form here

HKBU Research Postgraduate Students taking courses offered by other local Institutions 

Application procedure

Students may take any cross-institutional courses with the approval of the supervisor. To enroll the courses, students should complete two forms listed below and submit them to the Graduate School:

To drop the enrolled course, students should complete the form Application for Course Add/ Drop/ Withdrawal (For Research Postgraduate Students Only) and submit it to the Graduate School. For more details, please refer to the Application Procedures.

Important note

For students applying for courses offered by The University of Hong Kong, please provide the course outline/syllabus indicating the number of contact hours when applying for cross-institutional course enrolment.

For students applying for courses offered by City University of Hong Kong, please also submit copies of transcript(s) of your current study record and all your previous academic qualifications obtained. 

Transfer of units

The course(s) you have taken at other local universities will be transferred automatically upon fulfillment of the grading requirement. The unit/credit is recorded according to the unit/credit listed on the transcript provided by the local university. Please check the equivalence of units/credits before you enroll. If no unit/credit is listed, please provide the course document indicating the number of contact hours when you apply for cross-institutional course enrolment. Under normal circumstances, 1 unit will be accorded for 13 contact hours. However, if the student requests otherwise, the student’s Principal Supervisor would be invited to make a recommendation with justifications and necessary documents, with endorsement from the respective Department Head and Faculty/School Dean/AVA Director for Committee’s consideration.   

Participating Institutions and important dates for 2017/18 Semester 2


Information available from*

Application deadline

Semester begins on

City University of Hong Kong




Lingnan University




The Chinese University of Hong Kong




The Education University of Hong Kong




The Hong Kong Polytechnic University




The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology




The University of Hong Kong




* Some taught postgraduate courses may have earlier application deadlines. Please refer to the information of the courses.