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The University provides on-campus health and medical services to the University Community and off-campus dental services to the students.  For details, please refer to here.
Click here for details regarding the suspension of Online Application System for Admission to Postgraduate Studies, Application for Testimonial/Transcript of Academic Record and some services of BUniPort on 23 Oct.
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HKBU aspires to be a research-led liberal arts University of global significance. We are committed to delivering academic excellence and producing world class research to solve problems for and with the society using connections between HKBU researchers and external stakeholders.

The University has state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories and research infrastructure, world-class libraries, and well-rounded sports facilities. HKBU academic staff members come from over 25 countries and regions, and pioneering programmes such as the Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop, the International Writers Workshop, the Consul-General-in-Residence Programme and the European Union Academic Programme, bring experts from around the world to the University. 

The University has more than 50 research centres/institutes which help advance our research and foster collaborations. Apart from engaging in collaboration research projects with international scholars, the University also partners with renowned overseas institutions to offer joint/dual research degree programmes. Our ground-breaking research offers solutions to real-world problems and brings impacts to our society and beyond. To learn more about HKBU’s research achievements and impact, please visit the Research webpage of this website.