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The University provides on-campus health and medical services to the University Community and off-campus dental services to the students.  For details, please refer to here.
Click here for details regarding the suspension of Online Application System for Admission to Postgraduate Studies, Application for Testimonial/Transcript of Academic Record and some services of BUniPort on 23 Oct.
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Current Student


Certifying True Copy

Change of Address

Loss of Personal Property/the Original Diploma

Proof of Graduation

Application for Transcript/Testimonial

Withdrawal or Suspension of Studies

Withdrawal from Courses

Copying Services

Course Registration for Research Postgraduate Students



[Certifying True Copy]


Yes. The University does certify copies of diplomas and course descriptions. A fee of HK$50 will be charged for each certification. However, academic transcripts or testimonials can be issued as at cost upon request, and no certification of such is available.

[Change of Address]


Current students who make changes in address or telephone numbers can be made through the BUniPort. For changes regarding other personal data, please submit Application Form for Amendment of Student Personal Data to our office.
University Privacy Policy Statement



Student records are transferred to the Alumni Affairs Office upon graduation. You may notify the office (Phone no: (852) 3411-7877 or Email: directly.

[Loss of Personal Property/the Original Diploma]


Please go to the Security Control Room of the Estates Office at Level 2 of Fong Shu Chuen Carpark to report/look for your lost item(s). Found items are generally stored there.



Yes, you can apply for a replacement student card. Please report loss to the Graduate School and you will be issued a new card. A replacement fee (amount HKD $100) will be charged.
University Privacy Policy Statement
Application Form for Replacement of Student Card



The Graduate School does not issue replacement diplomas. However, you can apply for a testimonial which is issued to students who lose their diplomas. A fee is charged for each application of a testimonial. Details can be found on our website under Application for Testimonial.



Yes, you should report your lost card immediately to the Card Company by calling the Octopus Hotline 2266-2266. You may request for a replacement card.
If you want to continue paying concessionary fares while waiting for the replacement card, you have to go in person to a Student Travel Scheme Office (located at Admiralty, Tai Wai or Siu Hong stations) and obtain a temporary proof of "Student Status" for purchase of a "Temporary Student Octopus card". Whenever you are travelling on the MTR with a "Temporary Student Octopus card", you have to bring along the temporary proof of "Student Status" and your valid Student ID Card until you are issued the replacement Personalised Octopus card with "Student Status". 

[Proof of Graduation]


The academic transcript issued to you after the Senate approval of your graduation serves to certify your graduation status. You can use this document to prove your graduation status. However, if you need further documentation, you can apply for a copy of testimonial. Please refer to Application for Testimonial for application procedures and the application form. 

[Application for Transcript/Testimonial]


You can apply in person or by sending us the Transcript/Testimonial Application Form together with a copy of your HKID card/passport, the application fees and postage fees.



If you are a current student of the University; or you have graduated or officially withdrawn from the institution, you can apply for a transcript/testimonial.



You have to apply for an official withdrawal first should you wish to apply for a copy of transcript/testimonial.
To apply for an official withdrawal, you have to write to the Graduate School. You are required to pay a fee upon approval of your application.



Yes. You can write a letter authorizing someone to apply for a transcript/testimonial for you. Your representative has to bring along the authorization letter, a copy of your HKID card/passport (and his/present his ID card) when he/she comes to make the application.



1. Official Transcript - 5 working days for applicants who graduated in or after 1985, a longer time will be needed for applicants who graduated before 1985.
2. Unofficial Transcript (Student Copy) - 5 working days for applicants who graduated in or after 1985, a longer time will be needed for applicants who graduated before 1985.
(If the application is submitted in person, your transcript will be available immediately after payment of the transcript fee.)
3. Testimonial - 4 working days



An official transcript is the only official academic record issued by the University. It bears the signature of the Senior Assistant Academic Registrar and the embossed seal of the University. Official transcripts are sent directly to identifiable institutions upon a student's request. They are not available to students as personal copy nor will they be dispatched through students.
Unofficial transcripts (student copies) can be obtained by students. 

[Withdrawal or Suspension of Studies]


Please inform the Graduate School of your withdrawal and complete the necessary clearance procedures. If you fail to do so, you will be considered as having unofficially withdrawn from the University. No official documents will be issued to such students, and they will not be re-admitted under this status.
University Privacy Policy Statement
Application Form for Official Withdrawal



Yes, you can apply in writing to the Graduate School. Upon approval of your application and receipt of your payment, your status will be changed to “Officially Withdrawn”.



A student may be granted suspension of study in case of health problems, financial difficulties, or urgent family affairs. A student may be permitted to suspend his/her study for a period of up to two semesters.



If you wish to apply for suspension of study, you have to apply in writing to our office and submit together with all the supporting documents. Your application should be submitted no later than four weeks before the commencement of the semester final examination.

[Withdrawal from Courses]


If you are suffering from physical or academic problems and wish to withdraw from an enrolled course but the add/drop deadline has passed, you can still apply for course withdrawal. You have to submit the application four weeks before the commencement of the semester final examination.
University Privacy Policy Statement
Application Form for Course(s) Withdrawal

[Copying Services]

[Course Registration for Research Postgraduate Students]


If you wish to take courses at the University to fulfill coursework requirements or for interest, please complete the Application for Course Add/ Drop/ Withdrawal (For Research Postgraduate Students Only) for registration of courses. For information about the courses available, please refer to the University Cyber Port System (BUniPort) [go to General Info -> Programme Information -> Course Information].

If you wish to take courses at other local institutions, please click HERE for more information of Cross-institutional Enrolment Scheme.