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Tuition Fees for 2023/24 (MPhil/PhD)

Full time


$42,100/academic year (UGC-funded)

$84,200/academic year (self-funded)

$42,100/academic year (self-funded)

Research Studentships

The studentship is a scholarship to support full-time research students financially.  Applicants of research postgraduate programmes are not required to apply for studentships because studentship is awarded on the basis of academic merit. Offering of studentships is subject to academic departments' decision and indicated on the offer letter. The current studentship carries a monthly stipend of HK$18,180 (post-candidacy HK$18,690 for PhD)*.  Studentship recipients are expected to follow the terms and conditions, have satisfactory academic progress, and perform duties assigned by Departments. Part-time students are not eligible for studentships.

*Stipend rate in 2023/2024 academic year.  The rate is subject to regular review.

Funding Support

To encourage research students to exchange research ideas and immerse into different research cultures through interactions between local and non-local research students around the world, our University offers a wide range of financial support to research students. Full-time PhD or MPhil students receiving full studentship during the normal study period are eligible to apply for the financial support.

Available financial support includes the following areas:

  1. International Conference/Seminar, overseas attachment, field trip, study tour, and other research-related activities; 
  2. Travelling allowance for overseas attachment (competitive)
  3. Thesis editing service; and
  4. Incentives for oral presentation at international conferences

For more details, please visit Conference and Research-related Allowance.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University administers a number of scholarships and financial aid for postgraduate students:

More information can be found on the Scholarships and Financing Aid webpage of the Office of Student Affairs website.