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HKBU campus


HKBU engages in collaborations with leading universities and different communities at local, regional and international levels. Our global network supports our pursuit of academic excellence in teaching and learning, research and service.  While being part of the global network, we share our knowledge and expertise to extend and deepen impact in multiple domains. 

We keep extending partnership and providing collaborative activities with a view to increasing diversity and enriching student learning experience. Diverse exposures is one of the means to the achievement of our graduate attributes, which are essential qualities required in the local and global communities. They help prepare our graduates to engage in the fast-changing world making positive contribution.   

We are also committed to connecting learning and teaching and research. The nexus serves to enhance knowledge application, promote innovation, and solve problems. Underpinning the nexus is our endeavour to produce world-class research on individual and collaborative basis, and apply it to relevant contexts. The collaborations take place in different forms - interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and inter-sectoral.