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Special service arrangement for Graduate School will be implemented in February 2020.
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In view of the current development of the novel coronavirus outbreak, on-campus classes are suspended and replaced by eLearning until further notice. For details, please click here.  
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  1. Thesis Requirements

    1.   The thesis shall comply with the following conditions:
      1. The thesis should be written in English except students in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Students who pursue research work in areas that are related to the social or cultural environment of China or European countries, or those who can demonstrate a need to use Chinese or a language other than English to write their theses, should seek prior approval from the Graduate School via the Faculty, Department and Principal Supervisor. It is advisable that students apply for change of language as soon as they have decided the topic, in any case no later than the initial timeline for confirmation of candidature. Any delay in the application rendering cumulative work already written in any other language shall not be the justification for the change of language. Students should complete the Form "Request for Change of Language for Writing Thesis" and provide detailed justifications. If approved, students are required to produce a translation of the abstract in English. Applications submitted after the said period will normally not be considered.
      2. The thesis shall form an original contribution to knowledge in the given discipline. The originality shall be shown either by the discovery of new facts or theories or by the demonstration of innovative, critical thinking. The format of the thesis can include non-traditional element.
      3. The thesis shall not incorporate published work by the candidate unless the work was published subsequent to the registration of the candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
      4. The thesis shall be the candidate’s own account of his/her research and shall be accompanied by a declaration to this effect signed by the candidate.
      5. Where a candidate’s research work is part of a collaborative project, the thesis must clearly indicate the candidate’s individual contribution and the extent of collaboration.
      6. A candidate shall not submit work that has previously been included in a thesis, dissertation or report submitted to the University or any other institution in support of an application for a degree, a diploma or other qualification.
      7. The thesis shall be suitable for publication either as submitted or in an amended form.
    2.   Title of the Thesis
      The title of the thesis shall be submitted by the candidate for approval not less than 2 months before the submission of the thesis. Thereafter no modification of the title can be made without approval.
    3.   Submission of the Thesis
      1.     At the end of the programme of study, a candidate shall submit an electronic copy of the thesis (stored in a CD-ROM) to the Graduate School in fulfilment of their degree requirements. The electronic thesis copy shall be kept by the University Library and be deposited in the University’s Institutional Repository. The thesis shall conform in layout, binding and presentation to the requirements prescribed by the Graduate School. The student is also obliged to provide a bound thesis copy to his/her Faculty/School/AVA/Department/Principal Supervisor if so required.
      2.     The thesis shall contain an abstract of 200 to 500 words in English and/or 400 to 1000 characters in Chinese summarizing the content of the thesis. If the thesis is written in Chinese, both the Chinese and English abstracts should be included.
    4.   For details regarding thesis format and submission procedures, please refer to section 12 of the “Guidelines and Procedures for Research Postgraduate Degrees”