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Special service arrangement for Graduate School will be implemented in February 2020.
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In view of the current development of the novel coronavirus outbreak, on-campus classes are suspended and replaced by eLearning until further notice. For details, please click here.  
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  1. Registration

    1. Double Registration Unless otherwise approved by the University, registered candidates are normally not permitted to register part-time or full-time for any other qualification, either at the University itself or at any other local institution of higher learning. Candidates breaching this regulation are subject to discontinuation of their studies at the University.
    2. Successful applicants shall be admitted to register provisionally for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy as either full-time candidates or part-time candidates.
    3. Applicants will not be admitted into full-time candidature if they are undertaking work not relevant to their area of study for more than 6 hours per week.
    4. Applicants will not be admitted into part-time candidature unless the Graduate School is satisfied that they are able to work regularly on the programme of study and maintain regular/adequate contact with their supervisors.
    5. It is expected that full-time candidates who are studentship recipients will be engaged in duties within a department of the University. These duties, such as teaching/ research assistantships, will contribute to the overall development of the candidates’ understanding of their chosen field.