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Special service arrangement for Graduate School will be implemented in February 2020.
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In view of the current development of the novel coronavirus outbreak, on-campus classes are suspended and replaced by eLearning until further notice. For details, please click here.  
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  1. Examiners

    1. Candidates shall be examined by a Board of Examiners appointed by the Graduate School.
    2. The Board of Examiners shall consist of two external examiners and two internal examiners, including the Department Head (or designate) and one academic in a research field closely aligned with the candidate’s research. The Faculty Dean (or designate) shall chair the Board, casting deciding votes only. The Department Head’s designate shall be a senior academic of the Department and the Faculty Dean’s designate shall be a senior academic of the University. In case the Department Head or the Faculty Dean is the Principal Supervisor of the candidate, a designate must be appointed to serve on the Board.
    3. The supervisor(s) of the candidate being examined shall be invited to have input in the questioning of the candidate, but shall not be included in the vote taken by the Board of Examiners.
    4. Appeals against decisions made by the Board of Examiners and/or the Research Postgraduate Studies Committee are provided for, but the highest and final authority rests with the Senate in all cases (see section 19 of the General Regulations).
    5. For selection criteria and appointment procedures of external examiners, please refer to section 11 of the “Guidelines and Procedures for Research Postgraduate Degrees”