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Special service arrangement for Graduate School will be implemented in February 2020.
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In view of the current development of the novel coronavirus outbreak, on-campus classes are suspended and replaced by eLearning until further notice. For details, please click here.  
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  1. Examination

    1.   A candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall be examined in terms of his/her thesis submitted, by an oral examination, and in some instances, by means of a written examination. The Graduate School will appoint a Board of Examiners to conduct these examinations normally within 3 months from the submission of the thesis to the Graduate School.
    2.   The focus of the examination of candidates is on:
      1. the subject matter of the thesis, in particular the quality of research supporting it;
      2. the field of study encompassed by the thesis;
      3. the originality of the research;
      4. the written and oral presentations of the research results and conclusions; and
      5. the contribution of the research to the field of knowledge.
    3.   For examination arrangements, please refer to section 13 of the “Guidelines and Procedures for Research Postgraduate Degrees”