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Special service arrangement for Graduate School will be implemented in February 2020.
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In view of the current development of the novel coronavirus outbreak, on-campus classes are suspended and replaced by eLearning until further notice. For details, please click here.  
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  1. Attendance and Performance

    1.  Regular contact with their supervisors is a requirement for all candidates. In order to monitor this contact and keep track of the study progress, candidates are required to submit a progress report to the Graduate School every 6 months starting from their commencement of studies. Supervisors shall also provide an assessment of the candidate’s performance and submit the report to the Graduate School via the Bi-annual Progress Report System.
    2.  If a candidate fails to satisfy the requirements under the above section, or make satisfactory progress, the supervisor(s) shall advise the candidate in writing. A copy of the letter shall be sent to the Graduate School for record. If the candidate is a studentship recipient, upon the recommendation of the supervisor(s) and the Department Head, the studentship may be terminated.
    3.  If the candidate continues not to satisfy the requirements of attendance and performance, he/she may, after due warning, be dismissed from the University.
    4.  A candidate may notify the Graduate School in writing of any illness or other special circumstances which may have prevented him/her from satisfying the requirements under sections 14.1 and 14.2 of the General Regulations or may have adversely affected his/her performance and which he/she might like to be taken into account before the Graduate School makes a recommendation in terms of section 14.3 of the General Regulations.