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Suspension & Withdrawal


Under special circumstances, a student may  be permitted to suspend his/her studies on a term basis, for a period of up to 12 months. This is granted in cases of health problems, financial difficulty, urgent family affairs or job-related problems. In all cases,   the completed Application Form for Suspension of Studies together with supporting document(s), explanatory letter and the recommendation from the respective Department Head/Programme Director must be submitted to the Graduate School no later than four weeks before the commencement of the term examination.

   The Graduate School will inform students of the application result in three working days upon receipt of the complete application and the relevant supporting documentation. For successful applications, students will be notified of the approved period of suspension, including the start date and end date.

Upon expiration of the suspension period, the student must return to his/her studies. If the student fails to report to the Graduate School according to schedule, he/she will be classified as having unofficially withdrawn from the University.  


Students intending to leave the University prior to graduation must apply for official withdrawal (Application Form for Official Withdrawal). A student who leaves the University without following the proper procedures will be considered as having unofficially withdrawn from the University. No official documents will be issued to such a student, and he/she will not be re-admitted under this status.

For official withdrawal, students must complete the clearance procedures at the department/programme office, Library, Office of Student Affairs, Finance Office and Graduate School. Students must settle the outstanding tuition fee and other necesssary fees before an official withdrawal status is given by the Graduate School.

Upon completion of all necessary procedures, the Graduate School will inform students in three working days of the effective date of the official withdrawal.