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The University will fully implement the new 4-year full-time PhD Programme  in 2019/20.   Whether students admitted in the current year will undertake the 3 year programme (the last cohort) or the 4-year programme depends on the recommenations made by the Faculties/Schools concerned. Current students are not affected.

Main features of the new 4-year full-time PhD programme

  1. Uniformed commencement date (beginning of the 1st semester of an academic year, or the 2nd semester for students admitted in the clearing round)

  2. A minimum of 22-unit coursework requirement

  3. Qualifying examination between 13th and 18th month

  4. Candidature examination by 30th month

  5. 3 to 6 months of overseas attachment or other comparable overseas research learning during studies

  6. At least 1 oral/poster presentation, and publication before graduation (depending on disciplinary requirements)

Note: Students should also fulfill the specific requirements stipulated by individual Faculty/School/AVA.

Coursework Requirement Units

Mandatory Common Core Programme (MCCP)


Other Courses


Research Seminars


Research Methodology Course