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The University provides on-campus health and medical services to the University Community and off-campus dental services to the students.  For details, please refer to here.
Click here for details regarding the suspension of Online Application System for Admission to Postgraduate Studies, Application for Testimonial/Transcript of Academic Record and some services of BUniPort on 25 Sep.
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Taught Postgraduate Students Form No. Last Update  Reference Site
Amendment of Personal Data GS009 Feb 2013  
Replacement of Student Card GS010 Feb 2013


Deferral of Tuition Fee Payment GS001 Apr 2014 Tuition Fees
Make Up Examination TPG005 Sept 2017 Examination and Grade
Medical Certificate for Make up Examination TPG006 Feb 2017 Examination and Grade
Authorization Letter (for general use)   Sept 2014  
Student with Special Educational Needs (SEN) - Personal Particulars Form   Sept 2014  
Application for Transfer of Units/Course Exemption   Aug 2018 Exemption/Transfer of Units
Testimonials & Transcripts     Academic Record
Manual for Application for Testimonial / Transcript of Academic Record      
Authorization Letter for the Application/Collection of Transcript/Testimonial GS015 Aug 2014  
Suspension/ Withdrawal of Studies     Suspension and Withdrawal of Studies
Resumption of Studies GS008 Feb 2013  
Suspension of Studies GS007 Jan 2017    
Withdrawal of Studies GS006 Feb 2017  
Adding/Dropping of Courses     Course Registration and Withdrawal

Application for Adding / Dropping a Course Which Requires Course Instructor's Approval

(via BUniPort > Studies > My e-Application > Online Form > ‘Application for Adding / Dropping a Course Which Requires Course Instructor's Approval’)

GREAD Sept 2019  
Application for Waiving Target Student Requirement (Postgraduate) TPG007 Aug 2013    

Course Withdrawal 
(via BUniPort > Studies > My e-Application > Online Form > ‘Application for Course Withdrawal’)

GRECW Mar 2019 Course(s) Withdrawal after Dropping Deadline