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Graduate Attributes (TPG)

Taught Postgraduate Graduates

Our taught postgraduate programmes are designed and delivered to equip graduates with a wide range of attributes for their personal life, professional life, and roles of local and global citizens.


Mastery of knowledge of their academic specialty or profession that is in-depth, advanced and up-to-date and be able to apply the knowledge to their profession or disciplines. 


The ability to evaluate and apply knowledge to make critical and independent judgement, and provide creative and innovative solutions to problems.


The ability to apply appropriate theories, methodologies and techniques for professional or disciplinary advancement in their fields. 


An on-going interest and capability in continuous learning for the purpose of tackling the complexities in their professional field or discipline through inquiry and critical reflection. 


The ability to synthesize and articulate ideas clearly, coherently, and in a logical way, with fluent communication skills.


A sense of upholding professional ethics and social responsibility consistent with their roles as local and global citizens.

Remark: HKBU’s whole person education comprises seven elements.  It is considered that “TEAMWORK” should have been developed when students reach postgraduate level, therefore it is not highlighted in the Graduate Attributes for postgraduates. However, owing to the different nature of the programmes, “teamwork” may be one of the learning goals or programme outcomes as appropriate.