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Light volleyball exercise helps improve functional fitness of older adults


Light Volleyball

The level of fitness required for light volleyball and the speed of the sport make it suitable for older adults.


A research by the Department of Physical Education revealed that light volleyball exercise helps older adults improve their lower extremity muscle strength and endurance, agility/balance, aerobic endurance, upper extremity muscle strength and increase their enjoyment of physical activity.

The Research

The research team led by Professor Chung Pak-kwong, Head of the Department of Physical Education invited 90 participants aged over 60 to take part in a 15-week study and divided them into three groups: (1) light volleyball (weighted about 120grams) training, (2) rouliqiu training, and (3) control group - maintaining normal lifestyle, to see how these two exercises affect the functional fitness and psychological health of older adults and the differences between them.

The study showed that both light volleyball and rouliqiu can improve older adults’ lower extremity muscle strength and endurance, agility/balance and increase their enjoyment of physical activity. Older adults who play light volleyball showed better aerobic endurance and upper extremity muscle strength. The research also revealed that light volleyball exercises help older adults improve their functional fitness and psychological health, and is particularly useful for strengthening muscles to help prevent falls.

The Impact

Functional fitness of older adults degenerates with age, whereas appropriate and timely exercise intervention will slow the rate of decline. Light volleyball is a great exercise for the elderly, allowing them to have better self-care abilities and enjoy greater physical and psychological health. Proper exercise for the elderly also helps the government and families save on healthcare expenses.


Prof. Chung Pak-kwong

Head of the Department of Physical Education

Since light volleyball is very suitable for older adults, I hope the government can put more resources to promote it, so that more healthcare and social service providers as well as older adults can know about its benefits.

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Dr Leung Ka-man, Carmen

Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education

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