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Student Handbook

  1. Registration and Commencement of Study

    1. Registration Procedures
      Students have to register before commencement of study. They need to bring the original graduation diploma for verification and original and copy of the identity document, passport, student visa and other required documents as indicated in the offer letter for registration.

      Upon registration, students will be provided with a student identity card. They will have access to important information about studentship payment, bank account opening in HK, web-based University Cyber Port System (BUniPort) and email accounts, course enrolment details, etc..
    2. Commencement of Study
      The student is required to fill out the Commencement Form stating the date (the 1st or 16th day of a month) that he/she intends to begin study. The form should be returned to the Graduate School within 10 days of the commencement date, after being properly signed by the Principal Supervisor, the Co-supervisor(s), the Department Head and the Faculty/School Dean/AVA Director (hereafter called Faculty Dean). The calculation of the period of study is based on the commencement date.

      Students shall abide by the current ethical/safety clearance procedures in relation to their research projects. Relevant approval should be obtained prior to commencement of the projects. The student should provide documentary evidence for ethics/safety approval and include in the thesis a standard statement indicating that the project has obtained the relevant ethical/safety clearance.