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Current Student

Student Handbook

  1. Programme of Study

    1. Candidates will pursue a programme of study approved by the Graduate School, and shall present themselves for relevant examinations and at such times as may be required by the examiners.
    2. The programme of study shall comprise:
      1. supervised original research work culminating in the submission of a thesis;
      2. coursework as required by the respective Faculty;
      3. attendance at lectures, study groups and workshops as well as participation in seminars, colloquia and conferences as directed by the supervisor(s);
      4. any other courses needed to make up for the candidate’s deficiencies as required by the supervisor(s) and the University; and
      5. the Mandatory Common Core Programme, which shall be completed satisfactorily before the arrangement of confirmation of candidature.
    3. Students who fail to fulfil section 6.2(e) above will be barred from (a) the arrangement for confirmation of candidature; (b) access to the academic transcript/testimonial (official copy and student copy).