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Student Handbook

  1. Candidature

    1. A full-time candidate registered provisionally for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy will be subject to a probationary period of up to 18 months (for a part-time candidate, up to 21 months). Between the 12th and 18th months after commencement of study (for a part-time candidate, between the 15th and 21st months), a provisional PhD candidate must attain full candidature by satisfying the requirement of the Mandatory Common Core Programme under section 6.2(e) above and the submission of a research prospectus and relevant documents for an open seminar, to be assessed by a Panel before consideration by the Graduate School. The Assessment Panel shall be chaired by the Department Head (or designate). The Panel shall have at least  two members in the field, who may come from the same department or other department, to assess the research prospectus, the relevant documents, and the seminar presentation. The Principal Supervisor and Co-supervisor can serve on the Panel as non-voting members. The Department Head’s designate shall be a senior academic of the Department. If the Department Head is the Principal Supervisor of the candidate, a designate must be appointed to chair the Panel. Failure to attain full candidature in a timely manner may result in dismissal.
    2. The Assessment Panel will submit the completed report forms, giving assessment of the candidate’s performance and potential along with the research prospectus (bearing the supervisors’ endorsement) and relevant documents to the Graduate School.
    3. Upon satisfactory fulfillment of the Mandatory Common Core Programme and after review of the research prospectus and the reports from the Assessment Panel, the Research Postgraduate Studies Committee will determine whether to admit a provisional candidate to full candidature, or to terminate his/her period of provisional registration for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or to require the candidate to transfer to a programme of study leading to the degree of Master of Philosophy.
    4. For detailed confirmation procedures, please refer to section 4 of the “Guidelines and Procedures for Research Postgraduate Degrees”.