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Exemption/Transfer of Units

Students may apply for exemption from certain courses in the curriculum if they have taken equivalent courses in this University or other institutions previously, but they are required to replace the exempted courses with other courses to make up for the units being exempted. However, under special circumstances, the Department Head/Programme Director may approve transfer of up to one-sixth of the total unit-requirement without the need to make up for the units exempted. Students should submit their applications for course exemption/transfer of units within two weeks of commencing their first year of studies. Please refer to the University Student Handbook for details. 

Application Procedure

Students who wish to apply for exemption and transfer of units should submit a completed Application Form for Transfer/Exemption of Units with copies of course outlines/syllabuses and academic transcripts to the Graduate School via the respective programme.  Application should be submitted within two weeks of the commencement of your first year of study. Late application will not be considered.

Transfer of Units and Grade Points

The University reserves the right to refuse to grant units for courses which are not deemed to be equivalent to the University courses and for courses with grades below the equivalence of grade “B-” in the University grading system.

Students may be required to sit for proficiency test(s) or qualifying examination(s) prior to the granting of transfer units.

Units transferred from other institutions are recorded without inclusion in grade point average calculation.

On recommendation of the Department Head/Programme Director and by special approval of the Dean of Graduate School or his designate, a student may receive transfer units of up to one-half of the total unit-requirement provided that the units were obtained in a Postgraduate Diploma or Master’s Degree Programme of this University which the student had successfully completed.